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Practice & Experience

The Managing Director Naresh Sethi is a highly educated Chartered Certified Accountant with 3 degrees, including a MBA degree from Cranfield University. He was Associate Professor at Schiller International University in London for 12 years; among all the business, finance and accounting subjects he also taught Buisness Tax & Accounting as head of the new pilot ACCA program at the University. He has had his own Accountancy practice for more than 15 years. He qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2003 and obtained his Practicing Certificate in 2005; he became Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 2008.

We are a small team providing a prompt, personal tax return preparation & tax planning service at competitive prices starting from £100.  Naresh has several years experience in tax planning.

Co-Director Chetan Sanghavi is an accomplished and leading qualified accountant in the field of Accounts and Finance, he has 25 years of experience and utilizes his cross-functional knowledge to advise Self-employed Individuals, Partnership and new start-up companies in Taxation, Record Keeping, Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll and many other transactional & compliance services. Chetan as a finance professional is  passionate about providing a quick, accurate and reliable service.


Ability to Stay
One Step Ahead

In touch with the latest legislation and developments via our professional body the ACCA and literature in Taxation

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Experience and knowlege gained as a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant in practice for 15 years plus as a lecturer on Business Tax for ACCA students


INVESTMENT ADVICE- The firm is authorised to provide limited investment advice, exempt regulated activities, via its professional body ACCA.


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Chetan formal photo.JPG

Olga TRAVKINA, Associate

Professor Naresh Sethi, MBA, FCCA, Managing Director

Chetankumar Sanghavi, FCCA, Director

My Tax Mate Ltd team lunch.JPG

Kirit, Chetan and Naresh - lunch meeting

Kirit Parjiea - Kirit helps with PAYROLL - has several years experiece in Payroll & bookkeeping - he used to run the payroll at Schiller International University, Waterloo, London

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